About Ventureware-

We created the Lylius Project with no original intention of making it available to the public; it was simply to make our lives easier. After looking around us we decided that there was a growing need and now we want to share our peace of mind with you.

Ventureware is the product of two people who believe that software needs to work for people and not the other way around. Years of struggling with applications that have been hastily designed and thrown into the market place have given us a good example of what not to do and a great opportunity to offer solutions.

We created the Lylius Project as result of working with difficult software that was too inflexible to fit the needs of the ever-changing aviation and tourism industries. Lylius is a powerful core program designed with ease of use in mind and offers the ability to pick features that you can actually use without paying for the features you won’t use. We understand that every business is as unique as the people who work it and offer applications that are as adaptable as you are. Conventional applications are designed by programmers who don’t understand your industry or the importance of having software that you can actually use! Here at Ventureware headquarters we like to keep things simple.

Don’t worry. Ventureware has your solution too.